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“TNT Tony,” “Tony Dinar, and “TNT Superfantastic Dinar Tony” are some of the nicknames of Tony Renfrow, whose full name is Anthony Wayne Renfrow. Although a year-long prison sentence for committing wire fraud for amounts over $10,000 tarnished his reputation, he may still be selling Iraqi dinars through intermediaries.


  1. Who is Tony Renfrow, aka Iraqi Dinar TNT Tony?
  2. Iraqi Dinar Predictions.
  3. Review of Tony’s TNT Dinar Platforms.
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Who is Tony Renfrow, aka Iraqi Dinar TNT Tony?

Tony Renfrow, like many other people who offered the “latest dinar intel” online, posed as a financial expert on the Iraqi economy, and his updates on the Iraqi dinar interested hundreds of people in currency investment.

Because of his background selling MLM scams, he was quick to see the opportunity to make money as a financial advisor selling dinar currency after the 2003 US-led coalition’s invasion of Iraq forced the foreign exchange rate of the Iraqi currency rates against the US dollar to plummet.

He made a small fortune by recognizing that many people in the United States will pay good money to buy Iraqi dinars at rock-bottom prices because they could get a thousand-fold return on their initial investment after the currency revalued. Naive investors assumed that US security forces in Iraq would rebuild the economy of the country and trigger an Iraq dinar revaluation. Shelling out American dollars (USD) in exchange for Iraqi dinar (IQD) seemed like a certain way to become an overnight millionaire.

It is not clear how Renfrow monetized his Iraqi dinar news and frequent dinar calls. Apart from his website properties, he may have earned the bulk of his fortune as an affiliate for Sterling Currency, an authorized Iraqi dinar seller. We base this speculation on advertising he had on his website for Sterling Currency and the fact that court documents showed that this company’s revenue jumped from $2 million each month in 2010 to $20 million a month in 2011 during the same time he was doing his dinar calls. He also recommended Sterling Currency during his talks.

However, unlike other Iraqi dinar gurus, Tony was a consummate marketer, someone who had learned the art of persuasion after spending most of his working life pitching dubious MLM opportunities. Things changed for him after an investigation into wire fraud forced him to go to court. According to those in attendance, Tony adopted a disdainful, dismissive attitude toward the judge. So, it’s not surprising that onMonday, November 30, 2015, at 2:25:00 PM MST, the judge sentenced him to 366 days in prison.

After a year and a day in prison for financial fraud, he had three years of supervised probation. In addition, he had to give the Crime Victims Funds $100 and provide his scam victims a restitution amount of $1,692,803.26. Although the officialTNT Dinar websitewas no longer active when he got out of prison, his brother Raymond Renfrow had kept the business open using other channels, such as a Twitter account. Incidentally, this account–rebranded asThe TNT Team–is still active.

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Iraqi Dinar Predictions

Because Tony Renfrow was considered by many to be a chronic liar, he made countless Iraqi dinar predictions over the years to excite people to part with their money. It’s not clear whether he originated many of his claims or merely passed on conspiracy theories, riding the wave of the most populardinar rumors. In either case, his intriguing, apparently unique information delivered on his weekly conference call, People’s Talk Radio, Blogtalk radio, #wearethepeople twitter feeds, and other online channels, created a cult-like following.

Because of his amiable, informal way of sharing information, many of his listeners and readers trusted him as a straight shooter. Some even became convinced that he had insider sources about the fate of the Iraqi currency. Although his predictions of an RV never happened, he kept up the excitement for years.

Here are 10 conspiracy stories he propagated:

1) Iraq is no longer using the US dollar.

There has been no proof that this occurred.Historical facts about Iraqdo not bear it out. Years later, the Iraqi dinar remains pegged to the US dollar.

2) A redenomination is the same as a revaluation.

He deliberately confused the economic terms “redenomination” to mean the same as “revaluation” after Reuters reported Iraq planned a redenomination.

In a redenomination, an old banknote replaces a new banknote. The purchasing power remains the same even if the new banknote drops a few zeros. In a revaluation, the value of the new banknote is greater.

3) Iraq is using lower denomination dinar notes.

There has been no proof that this occurred.

4) The US government will exert its influence to push for a revaluation.

As a sovereign nation, the US government can’t dictate Iraq’s monetary policies, including determining its foreign exchange regulations.

5) An RV of Iraqi dinar will happen overnight, resulting in a big payoff for investors.

This, of course, has still not happened.

6) President George W. Bush issued an executive order that gave the citizens of the United States unique legal rights to buy, hold, or invest in the Iraqi dinar.

The Bush administration issued Executive Order 13303 for the Development Fund for Iraq against liens by US citizens. This executive order had nothing to do with regulating Iraqi dinar investments.

7) The Kuwaiti “revaluation” suggested that this might happen in Iraq, too.

After Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq, his army looted large amounts of Kuwaiti dinar by breaking into the Kuwaiti Central Bank. After Kuwait regained its sovereignty, it reissued new banknotes to replace the stolen ones, making the old banknotes valueless. No revaluation happened,no surge of the Kuwait dinar value. A revaluation increases the value of a currency, but Kuwait just reestablished the rate before the invasion.

8) Since banks sell Iraqi dinar, buying the Iraqi dinar is not a scam.

US banks buy and sell currencies from all over the world for US travelers visiting these countries. They are not selling any currencies, including Iraqi dinar, for speculation. Wells Fargo even reduced their supply of Iraqi dinar after people thought they were promoting Iraqi dinar banknotes as a sound investment strategy.

9) The World Bank, the IMF, and other global monetary institutions were coordinating a Global Currency Reset to get rich and investors could get a slice of the pie.

There is no such thing as a global currency reset. No banking cartel can tell the Central Bank of Iraq how to determine their foreign exchange policies.

Since the idea of a global currency reset masterminded by a secret banking cabal gained a lot of traction, TNT Tony offered subscribers an elite package deal so they could get preferential rates for Iraqi dinar to increase their profits after a global currency reset.

10) The United States Treasury has a large position in Iraq’s currency.

The US Treasury has a nominal amount of Iraqi dinar for foreign exchange, but it is not investing in the Iraqi dinar.

Review of Tony’s TNT Dinar Platforms

A platform is a popular business model on the Internet. It’s a large, flexible, scalable model for businesses to communicate with their audience.

TNT Tony Dinar Guru used many platforms legally. It’s not illegal in the US to recommend the sale of Iraqi dinars for a commission. This is classified as affiliate marketing. He mastered the art of search engine optimization and made “TNT” into his branded keywords to get the latest dinar recap or dinar updates. As a result, Google’s algorithms directed people to his latest TNT Tony dinar call if they typed in phrases like “Iraqi dinar TNT,” “TNT dinar call,” “Tony TNT dinar update,” “TNT Tony dinar update,” “TNT Tony update dinar currency,” “TNT Tony Dinar RV updates,” or “TNT dinar detectives update today.” Besides setting up his own network, he leveraged other people’s networks via guest interviews on their blog talk shows.

Tony used numerous channels to share his insights about the status of the Iraqi dinar, including TNT Dinar Blast, TNT Chat Room, TNT dinar detectives, TNT dinar updates, TNT dinar forum, TNT dinar superfantastic conference calls, TNT dinar showtime. His TNT dinar detective’s updates and Iraq news briefings on Dinar Chronicles attracted hundreds of attendees.

His Tony TNT Dinar Twitter account with the hashtag #wearethepeople had more than four million tweets. Although a large number were fake accounts, this illusion of popularity attracted hundreds of real followers. Since his tweets echoed the themes of the Occupy movement, such as anti-banking and secret societies, many people considered TNT Tony dinar to be an anti-establishment icon.

The hashtag @THE_TNT_TEAM also became very popular. Although this, too, had many fake accounts, it worked in the same way as his other Twitter accounts to pull in real people. Conversations around “releasing the RV” and “releasing the Global Currency Reset” sparked high user engagement. His blog talks were his most popular platform because of his disarming personality and his apparent expertise in foreign affairs and foreign exchange regulations. His avuncular style in breaking down economic terms for his listeners made them feel that they were getting invaluable investment advice. They were not aware that he often repurposed economic terms to suit his own agenda. On his Iraqi Dinar conference calls, which he started around 2011, he shared the spotlight with Winston Pfiester, also known as the “DC guy.”

Since his forums were only for members, moderators helped manage the narrative to suit his Iraq dinar predictions. Since many members assumed that he was a devout Christian on a mission to free them from economic bondage perpetrated by secret societies and evil banking cartels, they threw blessings on him in the forums, thanking him for informing them about a secret currency reset that they could cash in on.

Why You Can Trust Treasury Vault

What makes Treasury Vault different from many websites that sell Iraqi dinars is that we find reliable sources for our news and avoid hyperbole to increase sales. Our aim is to inform people about many types of currency investments, not just the Iraqi currency. We also strive to educate our audience about fraudulent dinar gurus like Anthony Renfrow.


Tony TNT Dinar Guru pulled many people into his schemes. Prior to his regular conference calls about investing in the dinar with naïve investors, he had a long track record of other types of scams. Other dinar gurus could not compete with his shill and years of experience as a consummate MLM marketer.

He could outsell most, if not all, dinar gurus online because he used extremely persuasive selling tactics in his TNT dinar calls. He created a sense of urgency by predicting that the dinar was about to revalue and talked about the possibility of it happening “today.” Other dinar gurus who predicted a more reasonable and realistic time frame could not compete.

He made big, bold promises. While other dinar gurus were predicting an RV of $3.77, Tony TNT Dinar Guru boldly talked about an RV of $32. His friendly tone and attitude won people over. He behaved like an earnest truth-seeker, someone who researches little-known investments. He disarmed skepticism with his good-natured banter and did not come across as a high-pressure salesman. Tony reinterpreted official government announcements, news media reports, and statements by monetary organizations to his advantage. Sometimes, for instance, he would reinterpret economic terms, such as using “redenomination” and “revaluation” as synonyms.

He also flipped government agency warnings about dinar scams to fuel conspiracy theories that the US government, world monetary organizations like the IMF, and secret banking cartels were trying to hide these investment opportunities from the common people.

TNT Tony Dinar perpetrated falsehoods with the sincere conviction of a gospel preacher to increase dinar investments, and his popular dinar recaps and updates on breaking news added to profitable connections with dinar dealers, online advertisers, and exclusive online membership sites. He learned how to build business platforms online when he was in MLM and you can find many of his MLM videos online. Today, 14dailyplus.com, his original website, now under new ownership has become an archive of his various scams. You can also find a wide range of his pre-dinar scams onRIPOFF REPORT. They include writing bad checks, internet fraud, deceptive advertising, and Ponzi schemes.

Who is Anthony Renfrow AKA TNT Dinar? - Treasury Vault (2024)


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