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Consultations with our vets and nurses can be for routine check ups or arranged for a specific new or ongoing health concerns. Consultations are by appointment only.

Nobody expects an emergency; thankfully we have vets available to help, any time of the day or night via our Out of Hours service providers.

We can perform lab work such as blood tests and imaging such as ultrasound and x-rays in practice that will help us diagnose more complex conditions.


Our trained vets and nurses can perform a full dental check, identifying any dental disease, its severity and making a recommendation for treatment. We have the facilities to perform dental procedures on-site.


Microchips allow your pet to be identified if it gets lost and is a legal requirement for some pets. We can microchip your pet quickly and safely using a special needle.


Performed by our vets, neutering is a routine surgical procedure which removes a pet’s ovaries or testicl*s, so they are no longer able to breed.

Parasite Control

We can provide you with full anti-parasitic treatment to help prevent your pets being infected with fleas, worms, ticks, lice and mites.


We administer annual essential vaccinations for your pets as well as any needed for travelling abroad. Our vaccination appointments always include a physical examination to ensure your pet is healthy.


We offer a range of commonly performed surgeries such as neutering and lump removals in our theatres onsite.

Keyhole (Laparoscopic) Surgery

Referral Service

We can perform keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery which is less painful than open surgery and helps reduce recovery times of your pets.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Referral Service

We have specialised equipment and vets with specific orthopaedic expertise that can perform complex surgeries on bones and joints.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Referral Service

We have specialised equipment and vets with advanced expertise that can perform complex soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue refers to any procedure not including the bones and joints.


Referral Service

We have specialised equipment and vets with specific ophthalmology expertise that can diagnosis and treat conditions affecting the eyes.


Referral Service

We can perform detailed cardiology assessments of the heart and blood vessels. This can include blood pressure measurements, echocardiographs, ECG recording, x-rays and blood tests.


Referral Service

We have vets with specific dermatology expertise that can diagnosis and treat conditions affecting the skin, including ear disease.

Internal Medicine

Referral Service

We have specialised equipment and vets with specific internal medicine expertise that can diagnosis and treat conditions affecting the organs.


We have a specially trained team member who can perform physiotherapy on your pet. Our physiotherapist will create a personalised treatment plan to help reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent further injury of your pet by increasing muscle mass and tolerance.

Blood Pressure Checks

We can quickly and easily take your pet’s blood pressure to check for hypertension (high blood pressure); this is recommended in all pets over 8 years old.

Six-Month Health Checks

A six-month health check assesses your pet’s overall wellbeing including their weight, dental hygiene, grooming, behaviour, and any need for parasite control. It ensures your pet is healthy and can provide preventative treatment.

Our veterinary nurses are not stylists but can provide some grooming services to make sure your pets are comfortable such as removing matts and nail clipping.

Pet Travel Documentation

We have qualified Official Veterinarians who can provide you with the essential documents needed to travel abroad with your pet including Animal Health Certificates.

Anal Sac Expression

We can empty your dog’s anal sac if they become impacted, inflamed or infected. Often, this can be manually done by a nurse but sometimes will require additional treatment.

Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are run by our nursing team, and they facilitate positive socialisation experiences with other dogs and people. Whilst the puppies play, you will receive lots of useful information and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Home Visits

If circ*mstances mean you are unable to visit our practice, our vets and nurses can provide veterinary care to your pet at your home.

Westmoor Vets, Tavistock  | The Vet Collection (2024)


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